Sunday, December 7, 2008

research paper

Sea animal abalone

I became worried about the sea animal abalone after studying global warming in core class, because sea animals have shrunk in number because of global warming and poachers. Some species have already become extinct (Wines, 2006). Abalone is a valuable sea mollusk. They live along the coast; their shells are shaped in the form of a spiral and have a lining of mother-of-pearl inside. They are very delicious and their shell is very beautiful. We can make jewelry from abalone shell and get benefits. According to Paddock (2008a), in California, seven divers have died on the coast of Sonoma and Mendocino counties so far this year. That is because when the divers go into the sea, they cannot fix the problems by themselves when they get in trouble, and also the kelp is very dangerous (Norton, 2008). Many poachers pluck the abalones without diving education. And in South Africa there are so many smugglers. Poachers are illegally hunting (Marshall, 2002). They are getting many abalones. They are just blind to plucking the abalones. They never think about their future life. But they still cannot stop plucking the abalones, and the African government can’t control it. There is a disagreement between the police and poor people. The poor people said that they are just plucking a few abalones for survival. That does not influence the biodiversity problem, and the poacher’s continuing demand makes abalone decrease. Also, the scientists argue that the abalone’s shrinking is because of human’s activity.

Now the way of life has become destroyed from people’s hand. We must attack smugglers and not let poachers harm the abalones. We should protect them. People like to eat abalones, but they never think about the future; they are just eager to catch delicious food. Even though abalone is a valuable sea mollusk for people’s lives, the available supply has begun to shrink. According to G. Tyler Miller, Jr “One important potentially renewable resource is biodiversity, which consists of the numerous forms of life that can best survive the multitude of conditions currently found on earth” (1994, p. 8). Biodiversity includes species diversity; variety among the species found in different habitats of the planet. We should take stern measures to protect abalones. Many hunters are blind to plucking the abalones to get benefit; they never consider their life. This is because they are so delicious. So the government should fix the problem with the divers, because the people’s lives are more important than abalones (Paddock , 2008b). Humans should protect abalone to prevent the species’ extinction for the future. Let continue the sustainable society. Damage the ecological environment equivalent to the destruction of human life.

First of all, people should pay attention the environmental problem. We have many environmental problems in each country. This problem makes global warming and then influences the other things. One of the things affected by the problems is the sea animals. Now many of the sea animals are dying because of the climate change. Although they can move to another place, many sea animals cannot adapt to a new place. So we must think about a new thing that can take care of the sea animals and protect them. Sea animals are very important for people’s lives. People should solve the pollution or slowing global warming. Because of the climate change, the number of abalone has been reduced. People throw the garbage into the ocean, and the ship’s gas outflows into the ocean. So, abalone can get disease. All of the world’s oceans are connected. So we must pay attention to ocean’s pollution problems. Global warming makes the sea level high. So, many sea animals change their space. They move from one place to another place. The nutrient level decreases and the kelp beds wither. The government should make new and more rules about environmental problems. That is because treating global warming is among the most important of all modern environmental problems. They should not allow the factory to pollute without a filter. Create a new festival, in which all the people plant a tree on that day. It is very easy to do it. Every person can do it. In this way we can keep a better environment for sea animals to live.

Second, we must protect the species. We must make a strict punishment for the poachers and smugglers. Police must pay attention to the smugglers and poachers. Try their best find them. And teach them how to protect the abalone and let them realize how important abalone is for our lives. The government should put the wire into some special parts of the sea to prevent people from plucking abalone, or make a boundary and not allow boats over the boundary, and also take a measure to the abalone divers. The government should make a strict rule which is that the diver cannot pluck the abalone without a license and education about diving (L. A, 2008).If somebody goes against the rule they must get punishment. It is like it would be a driver license; the driver who has no driver’s license gets a punishment. And the divers are allowed to use the mask, snorkel and flippers, but they just can pluck only one species. That is to prevent the species’ extinction. We should prevent making jewelry with abalones. Don’t sell the abalone jewelry in the malls. This is a kind of harm to the abalone.

Third, increase the abalones. Produce the abalone farm. Make the abalone grow up very well. In the market raise the abalone prices. If the prices go up, the people’s demand will go down. In that way we can save more abalones. Make an artificial place to let the abalone grow up, like an aquarium. The facilities would be suitable for the abalones. And put the special manager to manage the abalones. The manager must have a lot of knowledge about the abalones. They should give them nutritious food. People can take care of the abalone better than when the abalone grows up by itself in the sea. So people carefully take care, and make the abalone grow up stronger and healthy.

Opponents who pluck abalone is not bad. They just pluck a few; that is not harmful to abalone and can not influence biodiversity. They said they are very poor; they must pluck abalone to survive. And also, the poachers and smugglers still continue to pluck the abalones. They think the economy is first. They don’t know how serious the species’ situation now.

In conclusion, abalone is important for people’s life and biodiversity.
So people should change the wrong behavior. And humans should study about more abalone and biodiversity. Make our earth be better and more perfect. People should conserve our abalone for future generations. I do not want our later generations to sit in front of computers every day. They should enjoy delicious abalones. So from now on we must protect abalones and prevent abalone’s extinction. Make our earth be better and more perfect. People should realize life’s importance, to protect our lives. Follow the government rule; we are going to be happy with our lives.


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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Online shopping

Now the world is changing. Many people use online shopping to buy anything they want. Online shopping is very popular among modern people. A long time ago, people never used the computer for shopping. But now the technology is developing day by day. So, everything is very convenient for people. Online shopping means people don’t need to go to the mall and buy something. We just stay home and use the computer to buy anything we want. And online shopping is very wild; everything is there.

People should use online shopping to buy things, because online shopping are can save time and money. We also can save our energy. And it is very convenient. There are three reasons why people should go online shopping.

First of all, time is money; it means time is very valuable for the people’s life. We don’t waste time for something that is not important. Online shopping is a timesaver (Robertson, 2006). We don’t need go to the mall and spend time to look around and find beautiful clothes. Generally people use at least one or two hours for shopping. They have to walk one by one at the store. So in the end it is very tiring. And sometimes, the mall has no product. According to C, Robertson’s article, “the internet is like a central shopping mall, where you can find just about everything you might need from groceries and clothing to collectibles and hard-to-find replacement parts” (2006, para.1).

Next, we can buy products online shopping that are cheaper than at malls, because we can get great deals when we compare prices of the same item from different online shops (Robertson, 2006). According to C, Robertson’s article “forty-eight percent of those complaints were regarding internet auctions, while 17 percent were related to sales of merchandise.”
Finally, finding a convenient way is very important for the people; it makes if easier for people to do something.

According to G, ball’s article, “online shopping has become a convenient alternative to the traditional brick-and mortar store. It has provided a method of easily finding what you’re looking for or the best price without ever leaving your home, yet still some consumers still shy away because they believe it’s too risk” (2008, para.1). But online shopping is safe. If you take care of what you receive, you can solve anything (Ball, 2008, para.2).

In conclusion, people’s using online shopping is a good idea. We can save time, money and energy. In the world, people have many important things to do, so I don’t want people to use time for other unimportant things, like shopping. Just use online shopping. It is a wonderful choice.


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The topic of this paper is the sea mollusk abalone. The poacher’s illegal hunting makes abalone decrease and become extinct. This plight influences biodiversity and environmental problems. People should stop the wrong behavior and protect the abalone. There are three reasons for this argument. The first is that people should protect environment and government should take a measure to take care of the biodiversity, the second is that police should make a strict punishment for the poachers and smugglers. Also, they should require sufficient education for the divers. Finally, we should make the special place to let the abalone live better.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

journal question #6

My parents are the most precious in my life. I love my mother and father very much, also my parents too. I’m only daughter in my family. So my parents put all the energy is concentrated in my life. When I was in my country, I didn’t realize my parents are the most precious people for me. Because they never let me to do anything, always help me in the back. So I don’t know what is suffering until I came to the United States. In my country, they bought everything to me whatever I want and my father never Scold to me. I remember the 13 years old birthday which is the good memory in my childhood. My mother bought piano to me, at that time I was surprised. I know things cannot instead everything. I think the most important thing is the heart. I can feel happy and warm from my parents. They try their best to support me and they never say anything. Since I came to the United States, I realized many things. In the United States, everything I must do myself, sometimes I really tired and something I don’t know how to do it. At that time, I was really missed my parents. So I must treasure my parents’ thanksgiving. Nothing more important than this.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

FE #7 vacation

New York City is a good for people to visit on a vacation. New York is a very famous place in the United States. I heard many CESL friends will go to New York this winter vacation. Also, I will go to New York. That is because there is a Chinatown called Flushing. I want to go there and eat some Chinese food. Since I came to the United States I have hardly eaten any Chinese traditional food. Last year, I went there, and tasted many kinds of delicious food. One food's name is hotpot. I really like this food. It is very popular in China. And also there are my friends; I will meet them and compare our emotions.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

FE #6 my favorite food

My favorite food is Champong. I like this food very much. That is because there are many kinds of seafood with hot soup and noodles, such as shrimp, sleeve-fish, crab meat and pincers. And it also has some vegetables, like cabbage, kohlrabi, onion and mushroom. First of all, put the water into the pot with cayenne pepper and boil. And then put in all kinds of seafood, whatever you like. Next, put in some vegetables. The last thing is to add some noodles. When I eat this food, I feel like all stress gets out. I hope people try it once; they must enjoy it.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

journal queston #5

In my country, people spend time by ourselves are not considered strange. Many people like to spend time by themselves, also me too. I like spend time by myself. Most of time, I like a person alone. Because it is free. Whatever I like, whatever I do. I can play computer, games and watch TV all the day. I prefer to see drama. And I don’t like somebody interrupt me when I was watching drama. But if I have something good thing, I would like to spend time with my friends. We can celebrate together. Usually we go to the bar or KTV to singing and dancing. And if I have a lot of stress I like to shop to buy many things. Makes me happy and get out of the stress. But when I have something bad thing or sad thing, I would like to sleep in my home. Because sleep can help me nothing I can think. I think everybody pursuit alone time is different. Some people really don’t like alone, they must have somebody to be side of them. In any case, people should make themselves happy. Because people who is alive to enjoy the fun.